Special features of the NMH

Higher Nano-magnetic powder quality

Our Nano-ferrites and Nano-orthoferrites Powders Meet Industry Benchmarks, Ensuring Enhanced Performance, Reliability, and Consistency for Manufacturers.

High-speed production

Our Innovative Microwave-Thermal Treatment Method Reduces Time, Boosts Competitiveness, and Enables Clients to Respond to Market Demands with Agility.

Simplified Production Excellence

Our Microwave-Thermal Treatment Method Streamlines Nano-ferrites and Nano-orthoferrites Production, Ensuring Efficiency and Accessibility for Industries.

 Nano-ferrites and Nano-orthoferrites powders are two main NMH Nano material powders that have been widely used in manufacturing many devices that are categorized in industry, medicine, health, and biology.

Where innovation meets precision

Nano-ferrites and Nano-orthoferrites powders are two main NMH Nano material powders which have been widely used in manufacturing many devices that are categorized in industry, medicine, health and biology

Ferrite nanomaterials have been widely used in electric motors, components of microwaves, toys, loudspeakers, computer data storage, and perpendicular magnetic recording media.

Orthoferrites nanomaterial can be used in sensors, biosensors, bio recognition, and spin memory devices.

Nano Magnetic Harvest (NMH) is a company to produce Nano-ferrites and Nano-orthoferrites powders. NMH company is producing this Nano material powder to sell to industries, factories, and manufacturers to utilize the NMH company powder in their manufacturing processes.

Overcoming Challenges, Pioneering Nano-Material Excellence

NMH has overcome challenges in nano-material production by introducing the innovative microwave-thermal treatment method. This streamlined approach ensures the production of high-quality Nano-ferrites and Nano-orthoferrites powders while redefining industry standards for cost-effectiveness and accessibility. Our eco-friendly method eliminates toxic reagents and minimizes high-temperature processes, setting a new standard for sustainable nano-material production. Additionally, NMH’s production method proves efficient and adaptable to large-scale industrial needs, securing our position as a dynamic player in the field.As a new entrant in the Canadian market, NMH has devised strategic plans, including hiring local experts and participating in key industry events, to overcome the hurdles associated with market entry and establish a robust presence in Canada.
Redefining Nano, Powering Tomorrow A pioneering producer of high-quality nano-materials, specializing in efficient and eco-friendly Nano-ferrites and Nano-orthoferrites powders.

Special Features Of NMH





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Director of Financial

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Mahmoud Naseri

CEO & Director of R&D

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Business Development

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It offers a unified system for global patent protection, enabling applicants to submit a single application that holds international recognition.

Advancing Together

NMH is thrilled to announce upcoming collaborations with industry leaders, propelling us into a future of shared innovation and success. Join us in advancing together with our cutting-edge Nano-ferrites and Nano-orthoferrites powders.