NMH's breakthrough in Nanomanufacturing

Revolutionizing materials with Nano-ferrites and Nano-orthoferrites: Where innovation meets precision

NMH Innovations

Nano Magnetic Harvest (NMH) is a Company to produces Nano-ferrites and Nano-orthoferrites powders which are defined as raw materials for many industries to produce a variety of devices.

NMH company nano-material powders have been widely used in different devices that are categorized in Industry, Medicine, Health, and Biology. NMH nanomaterial powders have advantages:


less expensive and complicated procedures in production


short production time,


low-cost production


simplicity in production


and eco-friendly production method because it does not produce toxic reagents and high temperatures. NMH company has a plan to sell these nanomaterial powders to industries and manufacturers because these nanomaterial powders are used in the process of manufacturing many equipment and tools in different industries.

It offers a unified system for global patent protection, enabling applicants to submit a single application that holds international recognition.

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Special features of NMH company

  • Cost-effective and Streamlined Production Methods
  • Short production time
  • Low-cost production
  • Simplicity in production
  • Eco- friendly production method

Innovative and Eco-Friendly Nano-ferrites Production

To achieve nano-ferrites and nano-orthoferrites with standard properties, various production methods like sol–gel, combustion synthesis, and electrochemical processes have been explored, but they face challenges like high costs, complexity, and environmental concerns. NMH offers an innovative solution with their patented microwave-thermal treatment method, providing advantages such as cost-effectiveness, short production time, simplicity, and eco-friendly production without toxic byproducts.