One of the biggest new technologies of this century is nanotechnology, the use of which can be a breakthrough in meeting the needs of the construction industry. The advantages of using this technology include increasing the quality of materials, saving energy and, as a result, saving costs.

The use of nano technology, due to the newness of this technology, new applications are introduced in different industries every year. Regarding the application of nanotechnology in construction, the following can be mentioned:

Improving the properties of cement and concrete
Nano coatings
Nano waterproofers
Nano glasses
Nano asphalts and…
Nano in construction

Application of nanotechnology in medicine and health
The use of nano in medicine is so great that a separate branch has been created in this science, which is called nano medicine.

In fact, nanotechnology helps medical science in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. This science has advanced in various fields such as chemotherapy, drug delivery systems to body tissues, bone repair and many other fields.

Regarding the latest applications of nanotechnology in medicine, it can be said that this technology is the key to methods of detecting parameters and is used in making sensors. This science can also expand the production of synthetic products that have many applications in medicine.

This technology is used in many fields of medicine, including nanomedicines, diagnostic imaging, etc., this technology solves many problems in the field of medicine by reformulating drugs.

Among the applications of nano in medicine, the following can be mentioned:

Improving the implantation process
Implantable nanosensors in the retina
Nanoceramics in bone repair
Antimicrobial coatings
Advances in medical equipment
Smart surgical tools
Nano in medicine

Application of nano in cosmetics
Compounds such as nanoparticles, nanoliposomes, nanocyclodextrins, and nanoemulsions are the most common nanocomposites used in the formulation of cosmetic products that contain active carriers or other nanostructured materials.

Making skin moisturizing creams using liposome technology has been one of the first cases of using nanotechnology in this field. Since the cosmetics industry has covered an important part of the world’s markets, the application of nanotechnology as much as possible can be the basis for many developments in this field.

The use of nano technology causes various changes in cosmetic products. For example:

It alters the optical properties of cosmetic products such as sunscreens that have a cleansing effect on the skin, making essential oils last longer and better.

Nanostructures can protect cosmetic products from exposure to light and oxygen. This property is especially useful for antioxidant molecules.

These substances can also penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and show better effects.

Nanoparticles have the ability to scatter ultraviolet rays. Therefore, they also act as physical filters for UV rays.

Nanowires provide better hydration to the skin. These particles form a thin protective layer on the skin and prevent moisture loss.

This technology also prevents skin greasiness and improves sensory properties.

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