Product introduction

Product introduction

Nano Magnetic Harvest (NMH) is a Company to produce Nano-ferrites and Nano-orthoferrites. Nano-ferrites and Nano-orthoferrites have been widely used in different applications categorized in industry, medicine, health and biology.

Ferrite nanomaterials have been widely used in electric motors, components of microwave, toys, loudspeakers, computer data storage and perpendicular magnetic recording media.

Orthoferrite nanomaterials can be used in sensors, biosensors, bio recognition, and spin memory devices.

To achieve materials of the desired physical and chemical properties, the fabrication of nano-ferrites and nano-orthoferrites through different routes has become an essential part of research and development. Some of the best-known methods are the sol–gel process, combustion synthesis, electrochemical method, hydrothermal method, precursor route, co-precipitation, micro-emulsions, thermal decomposition, etc. Most of these methods have achieved particles of the required sizes and shapes but are challenging to use on a large scale because of expensive and complicated procedures and high reaction temperatures. NMH group wants to solve these gaps and problems by producing Nano-ferrites and Nano-orthoferrite

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